What We Believe

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We believe in God. He is powerful, loving, and involved in the world. God came to earth in the person of Jesus – who was a real human, and also really God. Jesus’ life is our model, his death is our restoration, and his resurrection is our hope. The Holy Spirit is the part of God that comforts, directs, and empowers us to live lives of worth for God’s kingdom.

God’s grace can restore any sin and God’s love is available to every single person. As we come to embrace God’s love for us, we are called to change our allegiance from whatever controls us over to God’s kingdom – that is repentance. We are then called to live lives worthy of the love God grants us: by respecting God’s will for our lives, by helping and serving others around us, and by telling people that they can be free in Jesus, too.

God gave us the Bible to instruct us, encourage us, challenge us, and guide us. It is the foundation of how we live our lives, and so we study it and cherish it.

As a United Methodist church we follow the spirit and beliefs of the Wesleyan theological family. More information can be found here.

We respect that God calls and chooses whoever he wants to be at The Turning Pointe, so we are diverse – we vote differently, think differently, and dress differently. And that’s more than just OK, we like it. We unite ourselves around our vision of Trusting Together and Pointing to Jesus.

There is much more to say about knowing and living a Jesus-life. If you would like more information, call 985-9800 or email to set up a time to speak to a pastor.