Infant Nursery

The Infant Nursery is for newborns to 15 months (or steady walkers). This well equipped nursery is in the Worship Center and parents will find it ably staffed by a loving volunteer. Pagers are available.

Toddler Nursery

The Toddler Nursery is for babies 15 months to 3 years old. A professional child caregiver is in charge of care at both weekly services. They will greet your child when you arrive at the Worship Center and help him/her adjust quickly. Volunteer assistants make it possible to keep all of the children in this group busy and happy.   Pagers will be used to notify you if you are needed to come back to the nursery for any reason.

Pre-School Class

The Pre-School Class is for children who are 3 years old (and potty trained) until they go to Kindergarten. This class is a fun beginning to learning about the Bible.  Children will get to participate in the Bible story while playing games, doing crafts, acting, singing, praying and more. This bright classroom is found to your right as you enter the Worship Center.