Courage Direction and Hope

Courage Direction and Hope

Yesterday at the 10:30 worship 12 young people made history.  They determined for themselves (having had a 9 month period of meetings, thinking, Bible study, prayer, and conversation) that a 2000 year old carpenter from halfway around the world is worth making the center of their lives.  

That's gutsy.  In a society where the strongly predominant attitude is becoming non-religious, or even anti-religious, 12 young people shrugged in the face of that cynical disbelief and they said, "I claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior."

I don't honestly know what that commitment to Jesus will mean for them, or lead them into or out of in their lives.  I believe with all I am that it is the most important commitment they will make in their lives.  Will their commitment lead them to make ethical and moral decisions in their business, perhaps even costing them opportunities, raises, or income?  Will their commitment lead them on mission to places as far away as the Sudan, or as close as Poseyville?

No, I don't know what God will shape from their commitment, but I sure do know it will be something - it will be a sight to see.  These 12 have joined the rag-tag, ragamuffin band of oddballs, geniuses, goofballs, ninjas, sourpusses, and sweethearts known as the disciples of Jesus.  

For me, it surely is inspiring.  I mean, they stood right there, in front of God and a room packed with people, and they just claimed it.  I was awed by them, and inspired by them, and very, very proud of them.

From their courage, I take hope.  As long as amazing, talented, smart people like them are choosing Jesus, there's always hope - and it reminds all of us to take direction from their experience.  Tell someone about this Jesus guy, it can be transformational and life-changing.

That about it, the view in hindsight for today.

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